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Sunday School

We offer Sunday School Classes for every age group beginning at 9:45 each Sunday morning!



Family Life Center:


Toddlers & 2-year-olds

3, 4, & 5-year-olds


1st Floor of Main Building:

Joyful/Rainbow Ladies Class

George Avent Men's Class


2nd Floor of Main Building:

1st-3rd Grade Class

4th-6th Grade Class

Youth (7th-12th Grades)

Camo Men's Class

"Young" Adult Class

Open Age Class


Weekly Services

Corporate Worship
We gather together weekly for Corporate Worship and Bible Study on Sunday mornings and evenings and for a devotional and prayer time on Wednesdays.
11:00 am - Worship (Sanctuary)
  6:00 pm - Bible Study/prayer (Sanctuary)
                  - Youth Bible Study (Youth Room)



6:30 pm - Prayer Meeting (FLC)

Wednesday Night Activities

Various activites/ministries take place on Wednesday nights!  There is definitely an activity for everyone!


6:00 pm - Supper (FLC)

                  (September - May)


6:30 pm - Devotional / Prayer Meeting (FLC)

                - Youth (Youth Room)

                - RA's (boys 1st - 6th grade)

                - GA's (girls 1st - 6th grade)

                - Mission Friends (3 - 5 year olds)


7:00 pm - Adult Choir





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